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Second trimester: Exercise do’s and don’ts

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Fun fact: during this trimester you’ll gain the most weight during your pregnancy! Women with an average body mass pre-pregnancy gain an average of 13-17.5 pounds (6 to 8 kilograms). Of course, if you want to stay within this range you have to maintain a balanced and healthy diet made up of nutrient-rich foods along with moderate exercise.

During this stage, you probably feel less discomfort, fatigue and nausea, and are slowly getting the hang of being pregnant. The second trimester is the right moment to increase your workout intensity and duration (always on the lookout for warning signs).  If you haven’t begun exercising yet or don’t usually workout, that’s fine. Start using the guidelines for the first trimester (low-impact, moderate exercise in a cool environment) and remember that some exercise beats no exercise.

Although you may feel much better compared to the first trimester, you should now avoid lying flat on your back because this can actually reduce the blood flow to your baby. If at any time you feel nausea, dizziness or slightly lightheaded when lying on your back, roll to the side and then sit up with slow conscious movements.

With your baby growing with each passing day, you carry around more weight and may therefore experience more pressure on your lower back. Be aware of your posture and rest whenever you need to. To ease the pain, you can do some soothing back stretches and exercises to help alleviate some of the tension. Head over to our catalog and find a few exercises!

At all times, remember your health and your baby’s will always come first. Stay safe and visit your doctor whenever you feel you need to. And most importantly, don’t forget to have fun!


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