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Self-care and vaginal infections

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There’s a group of controlled microorganisms (good bacteria) that reside in the vagina to maintain an adequate pH level, and protect it from other germs. However, if there is an alteration in the vaginal flora that these bacteria to reproduce, or let other germs colonize and cause irritation or vaginal infection.

Some factors that could cause vaginitis:

•Vaginal douches with cleaning products that have scent; condoms, deodorants or soaps that are not specifically for vaginal care.
•Allergy to synthetic underwear
•Hormonal changes and low estrogen levels that could cause irritation or infection
•Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) like chlamydia or herpes
•Trichonomas infection, microorganisms that enter when you have sexual relations

How can I prevent vaginitis?

•When wiping with toilet paper, do it from the front to the back, to avoid contamination of the vulva
•Drink enough liquid to pee before and after having sex
•Use cotton underwear
•Don’t wear a damp swimsuit for a long period of time
•Avoid tight clothing, especially if its synthetic
•Use a condom to decrease the chances of getting an STD

Get in touch with your doctor if you feel any kind of pain, irritation, swollenness, or any changes in your vaginal discharge. Getting diagnosed crucial in order to get an accurate treatment. Self-diagnoses could result in a very negative consequence.


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