Is it normal to feel pain during sex?

Pain during sex is known as dyspareunia. This type of pain presents itself as a cramp, but starts with penetration, and gets stronger as the sexual activity proceeds. It could happen before, during, or after penetration and its intensity can increase.

Dyspareunia may cause some physical and psychological issues, since avoiding sexual intercourse could cause problems in the relationship. Depression, anguish, rejection and conflict are common amongst the couples where one has dyspareunia.

Dyspareunia is more common amongst women who have given birth or gone through cervical procedures. It can present itself during pregnancy or during lactation, and it’s often related to vaginal dryness, so using water-based lubricants could be helpful. Some other things that could cause dyspareunia are swollenness, infections, lesions, irritation, or lack of lubrication. Some emotional factors could be depression, anxiety, stress or a background of sexual abuse. This is why going to a health professional is so important. You can get screened, you can get help, and maybe some treatment or medication. Don’t let it affect your relationship. Get rid of dyspareunia as soon as possible!