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Sex during the first trimester

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Is having sex during pregnancy dangerous?
As long as your pregnancy is going well and smoothly, you’re able to have as much sex as you’d like. Some women are concerned that sexual activity during pregnancy could cause them an abortion. It’s important to keep in mind that most abortions happen because of chromosome abnormalities, or genetic issues, not because of what you do or don’t do sexually.The amniotic fluid, the uterus muscles, and the pelvic area protect your baby, which are pretty tough, so, don’t worry, sexual activity will not hurt your baby!

During your first trimester you can continue to have sex without a problem. Just be sure to maintain proper hygiene, and remember that you might not always want to have sex. Hormones, mood swings, and nausea could cause the desire to diminish, but don’t worry, as you move further along in your pregnancy, you’ll start feeling more and more comfortable. Sharing your needs and concerns with your partner is key to avoid misunderstandings.

Is it necessary to wear a condom?
Doctors recommend using a condom if there’s a chance of your partner having an STD (sexually transmitted disease). If your partner is healthy, there are no risks for it to be needed. Sex is a way to keep intimate with your partner, as well as it being a chance to rekindle intimacy.


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