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Is it safe to have sex during the second trimester?

couple hugging each other in bed

During the second trimester, intimate relations with your partner can be more comfortable. Your body will have adapted to hormonal changes, and you’ll feel more at ease as nausea decreases. Additionally, the way you interact with your partner will continue to evolve. If you have any concerns about sex during this trimester, don’t worry! Here are some frequently asked questions related to sex during the second trimester:

What are the best positions?

As long as you feel comfortable, any position is safe for your baby! Sex is an opportunity to connect and get to know your partner on a more intimate level. So don’t be afraid to try new ways of engaging! As the pregnancy progresses, you may find it more comfortable to lie on your side next to your partner, rather than being on your back. There are no specific positions you need to follow. The most important thing is to communicate with your partner and ensure that both of you feel satisfied and comfortable.


What type of sex is safe?

Many couples have concerns about different types of sexual activities. From a medical standpoint, vaginal sex is safe unless there is a high-risk pregnancy or complications. On the other hand, oral sex poses no risk to the mother’s or baby’s health. As for anal sex, starting from this trimester, there may be hemorrhoids due to the pressure from the uterus, so it is not recommended if you have them. Additionally, this type of activity can cause discomfort in the lower back due to the pressure exerted in that area.

Remember that in sex, the most important thing is to share love with your partner. It is essential to share your concerns, interests, and experiences. This will help strengthen your intimacy and fully enjoy your sexuality. So don’t forget to communicate openly and honestly with your partner so that both of you can enjoy this special stage together!

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