During the second trimester, intimacy with your partner could become more comfortable. During this period, your body will be more used to the hormonal changes and you’ll feel more at ease since nausea will have diminished. The ways you interact will your partner will keep changing. If you have any doubts about sex during this trimester, don’t worry! Below we answer some FAQ related to sex during the second trimester.

What are the best positions?
As long as you’re comfortable, any position is safe for your baby. Sex is a great opportunity to get to know your partner in an intimate way. Don’t worry about having to try new ways to interact with your partner! As your pregnancy moves forward, you’ll find that maybe some positions are more comfortable than others, for example, lying on your side with your partner instead of on your back. There are no guidelines as to which positions are better, so share this moment with your partner, discover the positions together, and remember that the main goal is to be comfortable and enjoy yourselves.

What kind of sex is safe sex?
There are some concerns as to which kind of sex is better. From a medical point of view, vaginal sex is safe unless there’s risk of abortion or other complications. On the other hand, oral sex represents no threat for the mother or the baby. When it comes to anal sex, beware; during the second-trimester, hemorrhoids can arise due to pressure in your uterus. If you present any hemorrhoids you should avoid this type of intercourse. Likewise, this kind of interaction could cause discomfort in your lumbar area, due to the pressure that is placed on that zone.

Remember that the most important thing to share during sex is the love you have for each other. It’s important to share your concerns, interests, and experiences. This will help you strengthen your intimacy, and fully enjoy your sexuality.

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