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A baby’s birth brings so many changes in the lifestyle and routine of a couple, especially since this new member is completely dependent on what they do or stop doing. Caring for a baby involves lots of tasks, such as periodic diaper changes, or setting apart some time to laugh, talk and play. Your baby also needs adult supervision as {he/she} sleeps, eats, and takes {his/her} very first steps. As you can see, a baby needs lots of attention, especially in the first few years.

With such a big change, it’s completely normal that arguments arise every once in a while. You didn’t have to share this big responsibility before, and now one of you has to respond every time your baby needs something. You might wonder: Who will attend the baby in the middle of the night if {he/she} cries? Who will change diapers more frequently? Is it normal that mom winds up doing most of the job? In order to answer these questions, it’s important to understand your position as a couple. Being a woman doesn’t mean that you have to do all of the work by yourself. It’s also not about starting a competition on who’s taking most care of your baby! Don’t keep count of who changes the diaper most. Instead, invest in working together as a couple to take care and raise this new human being. This is why both of you should take part in raising your baby. No counting, no arguing, and no blaming. You’ll benefit from talking about these things before the baby is born. The best way to share this new responsibility is by getting to know each other better, and by thinking about others before you think about yourself.
Remember that raising a baby is a huge responsibility, but it’s also a big blessing. Being a parent could be one of the best things that happen in your life!


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