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How can we share the responsibility of taking care of our baby?

parents kissing their baby's head

When a baby is born, everything changes! The routine and the life of the couple take a 180-degree turn because this new being is totally dependent on what the parents do or don’t do. Taking care of the baby involves everything, from changing diapers all the time, to dedicating time to laugh, talk, and play with them. You even need to be on the lookout when they sleep, eat, and take their first steps! As you can see, the baby demands attention all the time, especially in their early years of life.

It’s normal for new discussions to arise between the couple from time to time. Before, you didn’t have this shared responsibility, and now one of you has to act every time the baby needs something. So, you might be wondering: Who should get up at night? Who should change the diapers more often? To answer these questions, it’s important to take each couple’s situation into account. This is not about starting an argument over who has been taking care of the baby more lately.


You can’t go around keeping count of how many times your partner has changed diapers compared to you. We’re talking about a couple that’s working together as a team to care for and raise this new little person. That’s why both of you need to contribute, without keeping score, without fighting, and without blaming each other. What can benefit both of you the most is talking about all this before the baby is born. Understanding each other, putting yourselves in each other’s shoes, and compromising from time to time are the best ways to share this new responsibility.

Remember, having a baby is a huge responsibility, but it’s also an enormous blessing. Without a doubt, it can be one of the best things that happen to you in life!

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