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Should I do a childbirth class?

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A childbirth class can be a great learning AND bonding experience with your partner. Although many people choose to skip this rite of passage, it’s important to know just how much you can benefit from this experience before you bail on it. You’ll get to learn first-hand what to expect from labor and birth, and you’ll get a boost of confidence in what you’re doing (not to mention your partner!). Here’s a list of all that you can learn if you do decide to go to a class together:

1. Relaxation techniques to know how to breathe to ease pain and discomfort during contractions and labor.
2. Different labor positions that you can recur to if you need to alleviate pain or speed up your labor.
3. Available pain relief options, pros and cons of each and when and how to request them (you’ll probably learn a bit of this from your doctor but, hey, some reassurance never hurt anybody).
4. Different stages of labor and delivery (making it a little less scary and a little more approachable).
5. Possible complications and how they’ll be handled in case they happen.
6. Caring basics for your newborn baby. No matter how much you read, there’s nothing like learning first-hand about their basic needs and tips on how to soothe them, change diapers, swaddle them, etc.
7. Breastfeeding techniques.
8. Types of medical interventions that may come up, such as C-section or induction.

In a childbirth class, you’ll create a bond not only with your partner but with other expecting couples. By going to one, you’re giving your partner an opportunity to become involved, to address their fears (and yours), share concerns and gain the confidence that only comes from knowledge and experience.

Throughout the pregnancy, the bucketload of information you receive can easily become overwhelming, and even more so for your partner. Stock up on all the information you can and make sure that the both of you are fully loaded with all the tools for D-Day.


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