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What are the best remedies for getting better rest?

pregnant woman holding a teddy bear

Hello future mom! We know you’re going through a lot of changes, and one of them might be struggling to get some sleep. If that’s the case, you’re part of the 70% of pregnant women experiencing sleep disruptions; it’s totally normal with all the physical and hormonal changes you’re going through. Your body is working to create a little wonder, so a bit of nighttime restlessness is understandable.


But don’t fret, there are some “home remedies” that can help you get better rest:

  • Finding the perfect sleeping position can be challenging but essential. Try using strategically placed pillows. Between your legs, around your abdomen, wherever you feel most comfortable and cozy!
  • Relaxation is the key. Stretching before bedtime is great, and breathing like a yogi is too! And if you can get a massage, go for it!
  • Exercise is a friend of sleep. Put it into your routine, but not right before bedtime. Let those 30 minutes of exercise give you an endorphin boost that can help you get better sleep later in the day.
  • The bed is for sleeping. Avoid doing tasks or working from there. Your body needs to know that when you’re in bed, it’s time to sleep.
  • Turn off all those bright and electronic lights a couple hours before going to bed, and try not to look at your phone right before sleeping. Make sure your sleep environment is completely dark!

Remember, rest is vital to recharge your batteries and face the day with energy. But if you continue to have trouble sleeping, don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor.

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