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What can I do to diminish pain in the pelvic area?

pregnant woman exercising

Did you know that severe pain in the pelvis is called pubic symphysis dysfunction (PSD)?

It affects about one in five pregnant women. This happens because, as part of getting ready for childbirth, the body produces a hormone that softens the ligaments supporting the pelvic joint, called the pubic symphysis. This causes the ligaments to move more, or one side to move more than the other, resulting in pain in that area.

But don’t worry, there are a few things you can do to relieve that pain and prepare for childbirth. One option is to use a support belt to give you some relief and support. Plus, you can do some exercises to strengthen your pelvic area! According to trainer Wendy Powell, Kegel exercises are great for this condition, because they strengthen the muscles and balance the pelvic bones, which helps reduce the ligament movement and, in turn, the pain.


But wait, the story doesn’t end after childbirth. Sometimes, pelvic pain can persist even after giving birth. Some women feel it from the second trimester, while others experience it in the middle of pregnancy or even before delivery. If you’ve already had this pain in previous pregnancies, it’s recommended to start doing Kegel exercises from the first trimester this time.

Be careful with exercises that could worsen the pelvic pain. No weight lifting or carrying heavy stuff! It’s important to keep in mind that exercise is good during pregnancy, but some precautions need to be taken.

Remember, strengthening that pelvic area is a great way to relieve or reduce that pelvic pain! That way, you can fully enjoy your pregnancy.

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