Strong pain in the pelvic region is called Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction. This affects one in every five pregnant women. In order to prepare for birth, your body produces a hormone that softens the net of ligaments that reinforce the pelvic articulation called pubic symphysis. This causes your ligaments to move more than usual, or that one side moves more than the other side, causing pain in that area.

To ease the pain you can use a waistband or do some pelvic exercises. According to trainer Wendy Powell, Kegel exercises strengthen the muscles and balance the pelvic bones, decreasing the ligament movement and pain when walking.

Pelvic pain can persist even after delivery. Some women may feel this pain from the beginning of the second trimester, others during the middle of pregnancy, and others before delivery. If you’ve felt this pain in previous pregnancies, it’s recommended that you start doing the Kegel exercises from the very first trimester. Even though exercising is beneficial for pregnancy, there are some that could worsen your pelvic pain. So, avoid carrying heavy stuff or doing any workouts that require weightlifting.

Remember, strengthen your pelvic zone could be a great way to lower the pelvic pain!