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The harsh truth behind pregnancy

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One harsh truth about your pregnancy is that you may experience constant bloating and have gases. Your digestive system slows down due to your pregnancy hormones, meaning, food moves more slowly through your system. The increase in your body’s production of estrogen and progesterone relax your smooth muscle tissue in order to allow more nutrients to be absorbed both by you and the baby.

Although hormones now play a big role in your daily life, there are a few things that you can do to either make things take a down-turn or get better.

What can I do?

• Avoid greasy, fried or highly seasoned foods.
• Avoid large amounts of caffeine and soda.
• Avoid large meals (eat small meals throughout the day).
• Avoid lying down or not moving after a meal.
• Limit your dairy product intake (even more so if you’re lactose intolerant).
• Eat slowly.

There are plenty of solutions out there. In most cases changes in your diet should help manage some of the bloating, for others, some medicine or further intervention may be necessary. Talk to your doctor and design a plan that best fits your cravings and lifestyle while avoiding potential harmful foods.


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