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The history of prenatal stimulation

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Prenatal stimulation and the effects that external factors such as music could have in maternity have been studied about for years. Chinese culture and several philosophers such as Aristotle, Plato, and Confucius spoke about prenatal responsiveness, its relation with fetal environment and behavior, as well as the fetus’ cerebral function.

According to several studies done since the 1920’s, babies are able to perceive and react to outside stimulation. Therefore, prenatal stimulation can help develop the senses even before birth. Some of these studies are:

• Albrecht Peiper, a doctor from Leipzig University, he used a speaker to stimulate a baby’s hearing in the womb and found fetal reaction
• Psychologists David Escanda and Donal Hebb affirmed that early stimulation changes the brain, after stimulating the fetus’ hearing and seeing a sensorial reaction
• Rene Van de Carr developed a method of prenatal stimulation after watching fetal reactions to abdominal touch

On the other hand, Dr. Brent Logan, headmaster of the Prenatal Institute in Seattle, and Dr. Thomas Verny, founder of the North American Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology Association, have dedicated their lives to investigate the effect that external environmental factors have on the fetus and prenatal stimulation. They both have published and designed methods to stimulate the baby’s development from the womb.

Nowadays, and thanks to technology and scientific research, we know that a baby is able to react to a wide range of outside stimulation. It’s recommended that you use some stimulation techniques to help your baby before {he/she} is born.


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