What are the Kegel exercises and what are its benefits?

Kegels are exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, prepare women for delivery, and prevent urinary incontinence, which affects around 70% of women during or after delivery.

Besides, Kegel exercises strengthen your vaginal muscles, resulting in more enjoyable sex. This is a good reason to keep them up after pregnancy, even if you’re not planning on getting pregnant again.

When, how, and with what frequency should I do the Kegel exercises?

To feel more comfortable, start the Kegel exercises with an empty bladder. You can begin by squeezing and lifting your pelvic floor muscles. Imagine that you stop and then let go of your urine flow. Contract your muscles for five seconds and rest for another five. As you strengthen your muscles, upper the time and try to contract them for ten seconds.

You must work exclusively on your pelvic muscles in order for the Kegel exercises to show results. Make sure to not use or contract any other muscles, such as legs, belly or butt. Don’t worry if it’s hard at first, practice makes perfect!

When it comes to frequency, gradually increase the times you do them per day. You can start by doing them in sets of 15 and with time do more contraction time. Keep them up until it becomes a daily habit!

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