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Why is it important to get the Group B Streptococcus tests done?

pregnant woman in doctor's appointment

The Group B streptococcus (or GBS) is a bacteria that lives in the digestive tract of 10% to 30% of people without causing any trouble. But if this little bacteria sneaks in during childbirth, or in the early days of your baby’s life, it can cause serious problems. GBS can reach the baby’s blood, lungs, or brain.

But don’t worry, if it’s detected in time and dealt with before giving birth, you can prevent your baby from being affected by this infection.The GBS test is done a few weeks before delivery, and if it comes back positive, you’ll be given an antibiotic treatment or some recommendations to prevent your baby from getting infected and experiencing conditions like meningitis or sepsis.


According to a study by the American Society for Microbiology, this bacteria can be harmful to babies because it can mutate and weaken the baby’s defenses after being passed on by the mom. That’s why it’s really important to get the GBS test done in the final weeks of pregnancy to find out if you’re carrying it.

Remember, timely detection is the key to avoiding any complications or concerns, and ensuring that your baby grows up happy and healthy! Don’t forget to get the GBS test done a few weeks before giving birth!

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