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What are the exercise do’s and don’ts on the third trimester?

third trimester exercise

Congratulations, future mom! You’re in the final stage of this exciting journey.

You probably have a jam-packed schedule right now, but a little bit of exercise will do wonders for you. The idea of moving around with that huge belly may not sound very appealing, but don’t worry, it’s completely normal! During this phase, the body has its own plan to slow things down. You’ll gain weight, feel short of breath, be more tired than ever, and sleep will become a precious commodity. But fear not, there’s a refreshing solution: swimming or doing water aerobics! The water will help alleviate those annoying symptoms of the last stretch.

It’s time to start preparing for the big event – childbirth.


Here are some tips to keep you in great shape: pelvic floor-strengthening exercises are highly recommended. Why? Because they’ll help your baby find the exit route more easily and reduce the risks of ailments like postpartum hemorrhoids and urinary infections.

And don’t forget to take care of your mind too. Yoga, deep breathing, and mindful meditation are all great ways to relax, focus and face childbirth with the best attitude. Get ready to become a true master of control during this endurance event!

Of course, it’s not a time for excess either. It’s important to avoid exercises that restrict blood flow to your vital organs and your baby’s. No standing for long periods or lifting heavy things. Take good care of yourself!

Most importantly, if you notice anything strange or feel any warning signs like bleeding, painful contractions, or any unusual discomfort, take a break and consult your doctor right away. Listen to your body and enjoy these last weeks of your pregnancy to the fullest. Soon, you’ll have the most amazing little person in your arms!

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