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Too many sleepless nights? Baby sleep tech to the rescue

baby in crib and exhausted mom

Ask any new parent how they’re doing, and a good percentage will reply that they are sleep-deprived. Getting a good night’s sleep can feel like a luxury. Because of this issue, baby tech for sleep has become a trend. From white sound and rocking to light control, tech-assisted sleep training can help babies and their parents get more and better sleep. This article discusses each of the following sleep baby techs.

Baby sleep music

One of the most common sleep techniques for adults is listening to soothing or calming music. This technique is highly effective and is also very common for babies when it’s played at a low volume and at a safe distance from the crib. Here are some reasons why baby sleep music is helpful:

  • Loud, upbeat music makes people feel energized and excited, while low-volume and calmer music helps our body wind down and relax. Babies are especially sensitive to the impact music has on their bodies because their brains are still in development and are extra receptive to all sensory input. 
  • Calming music is great for creating a relaxing environment. Life can be overwhelming for your baby –they’re busy getting to know their environment, developing their senses, and experiencing the world. A calming environment is important for them to understand when it’s time to wind down and go to sleep. 
  • Playing calming music right before bedtime will also help your baby develop healthy routines. If they hear the calming music at the same time each night, they’re more likely to get to sleep around the same time, have a healthy REM cycle during sleep, and wake up at a good hour. This can set the stage for habits and wellbeing for the rest of their life!

White noise

White noise is the noise that occurs naturally in any environment that helps to block out other sounds. Usually, white noise refers to naturally occurring sounds such as waves on a beach or the sounds of the rainforest. Here are some reasons why white noise can help your baby when falling asleep:

  • White noise has been proven to help people relax enough to fall asleep. Babies become accustomed to having noise around them all the time, so the quiet environment before sleep can be shocking to the system. White noise creates sounds that help soothe your child when the rest of the house is quiet.
  • When there are other noises in the house, they can be very distracting for your baby and interrupt their winding-down time. White noise can also be a great help to block out extra house noise and help rock your baby to sleep. 

White noise options:

  • Baby Shusher: Parents’ “shushing” sounds can also be a soothing white noise. The Baby Shusher is a machine that is designed to mimic the shushing sounds of parents and allows you to set a specific amount of time before the noise fades away.
  • Meditation apps all offer different types of white noise that can be set for a specific amount of time or can be ongoing. Try out a few with your baby and see which one they prefer. 
  • The Marpac Dohm White Noise Machine is a machine that actually produces white noise, rather than playing a white noise track. You can adjust the volume and pitch of the white noise since it’s made by the internal fan. This is a good option if your baby prefers the real deal!

While many parents love white noise for their babies, several studies have proven that white noise machines can sometimes contribute to hearing problems if they’re overused and placed too close to the baby. As always, use your judgment when trying new options for your little one.


Light and sound

It’s 2019, and baby tech has a lot to offer! Companies have become more and more creative with ways to soothe babies and help them fall asleep. Here are some innovative new gadgets that can help your baby sleep better:

  • Many machines offer soothing night lights to help your baby feel comfortable as they’re getting used to the dark. The Infantino Gaga Musical Soother and Night Light Projector plays soothing music in addition to projecting images of stars and clouds on the wall or ceiling.
  • The Galaxy Clock makes white noise, projects stars on the ceiling, and wakes the baby up in the morning by projecting a bright, sun-like light to help them develop natural sleeping rhythms. 

Research shows that sleep and sleep patterns are important and impact your baby’s development. As parents, you deserve to sleep, too! It is important to find the right path for the family’s health, safety, and comfort when sleeping. Baby tech is continually searching for more efficient ways of helping children’s development and is constantly finding new solutions to different problems.

It’s important to remember that all babies, just like all adults, respond differently to different types of technology. Always keep in mind that if your little one doesn’t respond to the baby tech options that you choose, it might be time to switch to another sleeping technique.

The options in this article are not exhaustive, and there are certainly many other techniques that do not involve baby tech that might be favored by medical professionals or parents. Technology is advancing more and more every day and the options are ever-evolving. Ask your baby’s pediatrician for the best options for your child.

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