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How to track your baby’s development

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Some research suggests that parents’ care and early experiences help boost children’s future skills and knowledge, which is why it is important to closely track a baby’s development and progress.

In fact, according to Harvard’s Center on the Developing Child, a baby’s brain requires the care and presence of the parents to generate positive learning and a healthy emotional, social, cognitive, and linguistic balance.

Therefore, we present you with some tips that you can put into practice to track your baby’s growth and development. Take note!

1. Use an app to keep track of your baby’s development

Currently, thanks to technology and Internet, there are many sources of information and apps to track your baby’s growth and development.

For example, Kinedu is an excellent option to track all stages of your baby’s development, as it is an easily accessible app that allows you to personalize early stimulation activities and monitor your little one’s development in four different areas. Download it for free here!

2. Keep a plan of daily activities

Planning the daily activities you will do with your baby allows you to know exactly what their skills are and how they’re progressing. In this sense, Kinedu offers you a daily and personalized plan that takes away the pressure of organizing this on your own.


3. Identify the different developmental areas

In order to track your baby’s developmental, it is important to identify and divide the skills into different developmental areas, as this allows you to understand what your child needs and how to help them improve.

4. Observe the performance indicators of your baby’s development

Kinedu provides parents with performance reports on their babies’ activities. It is important to identify which skills your baby masters and which ones can be improved. This way, little by little, you can facilitate their development.

5. Look for activities and articles to learn more

Once you know what areas and skills your baby needs to improve, it’s time to look for activity ideas and topics to help them master these skills. Kinedu offers you a varied catalog with video activities and scientific articles that can help you search for this information.

6. Share your baby’s progress with other caregivers

If a family member or other trusted person supports you with the care of your baby, they can also access information on their development, as Kinedu gives you the possibility to share your child’s performance with them and add them to track your baby’s activities. Thus, your baby will also have quality interactions with those who take care of them.

As you can see, keeping track of your baby’s development is an enriching experience. Being close to you –their parents– and other caregivers will be essential for their successful early education.

What if you take your first steps with Kinedu now that you already know the importance of tracking your baby’s growth and development? Download the app for free on your phone or computer and put these valuable tips into practice!

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