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What are the best tips for traveling while pregnant?

pregnant woman on a plane

Hey adventurous future mom! During these exciting nine months, your body will also be a home for your little one, so it’s time to prioritize safety when traveling. Here are some instructions and tips to help you feel protected and make the most of your journey:

In the first trimester, you might not be very enthusiastic about traveling by car or plane. Your body is working hard to develop the placenta and re adapting to hormonal changes. But don’t worry, the second trimester is your time to shine. More energy and less risk of mishaps!


Here are a few tips to help you have a smooth traveling experience:

  • Avoid complicated destinations: heat and humidity are not the best combination for pregnancy. It’s also important to check if that area has a particular safety or health liability, like a dangerous disease or a conflict zone. Check the conditions of your destinations carefully.
  • Going to places that are at a very high altitude can make it difficult to breathe, and this applies to your baby too! Forget about places with strenuous hikes or extended standing. Remember that your energy levels are not the same as before!
  • Consult your doctor: general recommendations discourage flying after 36 weeks, but it’s always best to ask a medical professional.
  • If you get the green light, choose an aisle seat (for those trips to the bathroom), hydrate a lot, and dress comfortably!
  • Bring your documents: a copy of your doctor’s letter with the expected due date and any relevant medical records. It’s always better to be prepared!
  • Keep an eye on hospitals: before you leave, research contact information for nearby hospitals in case of emergencies. It’s always better to be prepared!

The golden rule is always to consult your doctor before embarking on a journey, especially if it’s a long one. Remember to take all necessary precautions and research as much as you can. But most importantly, try to go somewhere where you will feel comfortable, safe and relaxed – the most important thing is that you and your baby feel well!

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