Using my frozen milk

One of the many benefits of breast milk is that it can be extracted and stored in the freezer until the moment it needs to be used. Now, you may be wondering about the appropriate way to use it after storage. Keep reading, we will talk about frozen breast milk.

The first step is defrosting, a process that can be done in different ways. One is by moving it to the refrigerator to thaw overnight, and another is by placing it in a container with warm water. In addition to thawing, you can heat the milk to a warm temperature using one of the following methods. 1) Place for a few minutes the container with milk inside another container filled with hot water, 2) place it under running hot water until the desired temperature is obtained, or 3) place it in a baby bottle and use a milk warmer to heat the bottle. Whichever option you use, don’t forget to check the temperature of the milk by placing a few drops on the inside of your wrist. If it feels warm, you can give it to your baby; but if it is hot, let it cool down. Once the milk reaches an appropriate temperature, mix it well, and shake it before giving it to your child. Lastly, remember not to use the microwave. It doesn’t heat the milk evenly, so it can be overheated and burn your baby.

Hot milk is not the only dilemma that you may face. There are cases where you do not have the opportunity to heat the milk to obtain a lukewarm temperature; for instance, when you are not at home. Don’t worry about it! There is no counter-indication that say that you should not give your baby mild-cold milk. However, many babies tend to reject it because they are not used to taking it at room temperature. If your baby tolerates milk at room temperature or even slightly cooler, that’s fine. However, if milk is not well accepted and you are not at home, you can choose to breastfeed or place pre-prepared bottles in an insulated bag inside your diaper bag to maintain the desired temperature. Whichever technique you use, just don’t forget to use thawed milk within 24 hours. Also, if you have not used it, don’t store it again in the freezer or save leftovers for further consumption.

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