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Varicose veins: causes and prevention

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A varicose vein tends to appear when a vein is dilated. Around 70% of women have varicose veins, and these tend to appear or worsen during pregnancy. This apparition is due to your baby’s growth and the pressure {he/she} puts on your uterus, vena cava and the veins in your legs. There are also other activities that could help varicose veins appear, for example, being in the same position for too long, be it sitting down or standing on your feet.

Exercising could have a great impact on the prevention and reduction of varicose veins since it allows a better blood flow. The best thing you could do to prevent varicose veins is doing five-minute exercises several times a day. Also, make sure to not be in the same position for more than an hour. If you have to, one-minute stretches could really make a difference.

Here are some general tips to avoid varicose veins during pregnancy:

• Raise your legs after a long time of sitting or before sleeping
• Avoid being overweight
• Take a daily bath with cold water, or with a mix of hot and cold water to improve your blood flow
• wear light clothing in your legs and waist to improve blood flow
• Avoid direct sunlight exposure
• Take a daily walk of 15 to 20 minutes
• Use support stockings for varicose veins

While varicose veins could look annoying, they’re not dangerous. However, some people could develop blood clots, so check with your doctor if you notice a thick vein, a sensitive vein or a red vein.


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