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How to ensure child water safety?

baby and mom in the pool

Key points:
1. Practice water safety to prevent drowning, the leading cause of accidental death in young children.
2. Supervise your child closely near any water, even shallow areas.
3. Use appropriate safety gear and select safe swimming areas.
4. Secure your home pool and tub, learn CPR, and be cautious of drain entrapment risks.

Summer days and hot weather are the perfect invitation for relaxing at a pool, hanging at the beach, or swimming in the lake. These activities are loads of fun, but they’re also dangerous if precautions are not properly instilled. According to the CDC drowning is the leading cause of accidental or injury related death in children between 1 and 3 years old. Drowning is silent and quick. Children don’t trash around, they usually sink down to the bottom, and lose consciousness after 2 minutes.

Adequate water safety can save your child’s life. Continue reading this article to find out the safety guidelines to follow.


Visiting water (pools, beach, lake)

  • Keep your child within arms-reach and keep an eye on them at all times.
  • Use proper safety gear (such as life vests and inflatable armbands).
  • Even shallow water requires adult supervision.
  • Watch out for heavy currents and big waves when going to the beach or lake.
  • Select swimming areas carefully.
  • Don’t rely on the lifeguard.
  • Don’t assume that if your child has had swimming lessons they will know how to stay afloat.
  • Make sure your kid knows that they should never run around the pool or get near it without supervision.

Home pool, hot tub, and tub

  • Again, no running or getting near the pool without an adult supervision.
  • Know where your child is at all times.
  • Always empty out inflatable pools, tubs, and any deep container when not in use.
  • Place a fence at least 4ft high (1.30 m) around your pool or hot tub with a self-closing child-proof gate.
  • Be careful with the drain, getting trapped in the drain is a risk factor that can lead to drowning.
  • Learn CPR and keep a phone nearby if it is ever needed.

In conclusion, drowning is preventable and not only when swimming; children can fall into the pool fully clothed. Pool use and refreshing from the heat in water is great, it just comes with lots of responsibility. Let’s learn all we can about water safety and keep our loved ones safe!

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