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Weight gain during pregnancy

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Your ideal weight during pregnancy is given by your Body Mass Index (BMI), which comes from your height and weight. Your weight gain should depend on how much you used to weigh before getting pregnant. For example, if you were underweight before being pregnant, you’ll gain around 12 and 18 kilograms. On the other hand, if you were above your ideal weight, you’ll gain around 7 to 12 kilograms. It’s estimated that around 50% of women gain more weight than recommended. This could be due to anxiety or cravings, which are very common during pregnancy. A bit of extra weight will do no harm, but gaining more than recommended could result in your baby being too big, which could complicate the birthing process.

In order to maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy, it’s recommended to watch what you eat, and exercise according to your physical abilities. It’s important to know that your baby’s healthy development does not depend on how much you eat; it depends on how well you eat. So, remember to consume lots of fruits, veggies, and proteins during pregnancy. If you have cravings you can create some delicious and nutritious treats that satisfy your sweet tooth while adding a nutritious punch. For example, if you’re craving chocolate, why not prepare some strawberries dipped in chocolate. This way you can quench your desire while eating food that will benefit for your baby. Remember that eating twice as much is not necessary. Instead, aim for healthier nutrient-filled meals,  that boost your baby’s development.


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