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For those of you not familiar with Kinedu, Kinedu is an app dedicated to improving kids’ outcomes by providing you – mom, dad – with the tools to be a better caregiver.

We tailor daily activity plans to your baby based on what you tell us on periodic assessments. Each activity, paired with its video, is designed to work towards certain milestones while practicing some of the most important skills that babies need to develop.


This space will be dedicated to all things parenting and child development, ranging from the latest research coming from the top developmental labs to reflections on what it means to be a parent. You’ll also find plenty of helpful tips and ideas for some of the most important periods of your child’s development!

We hope you enjoy this blog – and make sure to download our app if you’re a parent. We’d be honored to help you on this journey!


-The Kinedu Team

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