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What does quarantining with kids look like for the Kinedu team?

mother using Kinedu activities at home with her baby

Key points:

  1. Kinedu team adapts to remote work while offering the app for free to parents worldwide during quarantine.
  2. Luis, CEO of Kinedu, enjoys family time with his three daughters and uses Kinedu activities to engage them.
  3. Laura, CMO, cherishes quality time with her two children, Victor and Sylvia, during quarantine in NYC.
  4. Paloma, a Lifecycle Specialist, gets creative to entertain her toddler at home with Kinedu activities and dance parties.

These last few weeks have been a rollercoaster of emotions, to say the least. As the Kinedu team works to offer the Kinedu App for free to parents worldwide, our staff is also getting used to this new reality at home. Here are a few ways Kinedu team members are handling being at home with their children during the quarantine.

“Playing Jenga is a great way
to keep everyone entertained!”

Hi! I’m Luis. I’m the founder and CEO of Kinedu. I live in Monterrey, Mexico with my wife and three girls: Paulina (4), Balbina (4), and Sofía (2). While working from home takes time away from them, I’ve enjoyed spending time together on my breaks and eating meals as a family. We’re learning to enjoy this time together because we don’t always get to have it.

  • Favorite Kinedu activity right now: To the finish line (while intended for children Sofia’s age, everyone joins in); Finding apples III is also fun, can be adapted pretty easily, and helps target my kids’ physical and cognitive skills!
  • Parenting hack: Playing Jenga is a great way to keep everyone entertained!
  • What’s keeping me sane: Family time! Playing with the kids and spending time in the yard.
  • Find me on Twitter and Instagram as @luisgzas

“I really get to see their little personalities.”

I’m Laura, the Chief Marketing Officer at Kinedu! I live in New York City with my husband, David, and two children, Victor (3) and Sylvia (10 months). My husband also works full time, so I take the kids in the morning, we eat lunch together, and then switch in the afternoons. Spending so much time with them, I really get to see their little personalities in a deeper way, and it’s such a sweet break from the daily news cycle.

  • Favorite Kinedu activity right now: Tiptoe scores I (for Victor) and Mt. Mommy (usually Mt. Daddy, actually, for Sylvia).
  • Parenting hack: Victor knows he has to do three activities before we turn on the TV!
  • What’s keeping me sane: Work; knowing how much Kinedu is helping families around the world right now. And wine.

“Quarantine has forced me to get creative!”

Hi, there! I’m Paloma, Lifecycle Specialist at Kinedu. I live in Monterrey, Mexico with my husband Francisco and my son Francisco (18 months). Working, parenting, and homeschooling these past few weeks has definitely been an adventure and entertaining a toddler in an apartment has forced me to get creative! We have shapes and numbers taped to our living room floor, bicycles parked in the kitchen, and a “soccer field” in the bedroom.

  • Favorite Kinedu activity right now: Brushing colors
  • Parenting hack: Put on some fun music and do a little dance party. We jump, dance, and shake off all of our worries.
  • What’s keeping me sane: 20-minute yoga workout sessions at night. Just stretching and breathing after a long day really helps.

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4 Responses

  1. Hi, I live in Brazil and I’m also working from home and taking care of my daugther Marina (2). Thank you all for sharing your experiences! I believe this moment we are living, with all the negative points apart, have brought us so many new ways of seeing life! We’ve learned to appreciate what really is important! Keep safe and congratulations on the great work you guys do!

    1. Thank you! We send you a warm hug, hoping you and your family stay safe. Enjoy every moment with your little one.

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