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Why being a dad is completely awesome!

dad carrying his son on his shoulders
Being a dad is awesome! And although those first few days (or months) were a bit hard, you always knew that everything was worth it. Being a dad is the best thing that has happened to you!

In celebration of Father’s Day we have come up with five reasons why being a dad is pretty amazing:

1. You become a kid again! Once you become an adult you know that playing like a kid can look a bit foolish – and we know that you secretly miss it! But with your kid at your side you can let your imagination run wild and become a kid again!

2. You become a professional photographer! As you see your little one grow up so fast you will want to capture every special moment. So your phone is probably full of baby pictures and videos! We even bet that you are thinking of getting a particular camera for all those awesome vacations you will take one day. So go ahead, capture every moment of your little one’s childhood, because they grow up so fast!

3. You never thought you could love someone that much! From the moment you held that little baby, you knew that your heart was taken. Now every time you see your little one sleeping, eating, laughing, or just looking at you your heart completely melts for him or her. Just wait when he or she grows up and asks for the car!

4. You become a know it all! From the moment you knew that you were going to become a father, you probably bought tons of books and researched online about parenting and babies. Now you know how to change a diaper, set the car seat, and hopefully even help your little one go to sleep! You can even show all of your knowledge as a party trick!

5. You strive to become a better man! Becoming a dad has given you a new perspective on life. Now your number one priority is your son or daughter, and you will strive to become the best man you can be for him or her!

Have your own ideas of why being a dad is wonderful? Let us know! Congrats to all the dads out there making a difference in their children’s life!


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