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Why being a mom is completely awesome!

mom giving a eskimo kiss to her new born

As a mother, you probably know all the struggles that parents face, but the truth is that, despite all the chaos the day brings, being a mother is one of the best things that can happen to you! You never imagined you could love someone so much and become a better person because of them! Being a mother is simply INCREDIBLE!


1. Despite all the chaos the day brings, being a mother is one of the best things that can happen to you!
2. Some wonderful reasons why motherhood is marvelous: you are more empathetic, productive and sentimental, you can do many things you might have thought were out of your capabilities, and motherhood helps you make great friendships.

Here, at Kinedu, we highlight some wonderful reasons why motherhood is marvelous. Confirm them and tell us what you think.

You are more empathetic

Probably, every time you see a mother with her newborn crying, you remember those good old (terrifying) days! Instead of feeling annoyed because the baby won’t stop crying, you put yourself in the mother’s shoes.

Motherhood has given you the ability to empathize with other parents and appreciate the immense work they face with their own children. Being a mother has provided you with a new and essential perspective on life, and your compassionate side has flourished.

You are really productive

Do you remember the days when you had nothing to do? Now, you probably have a million things on your to-do list, motherhood has turned you into an efficiency expert! You probably planned today’s routine… a week ago. Those daily naps are a blessing, and you make the most of them every time! With this new skill, now nothing is impossible!

Motherhood helps you make great friendships

You probably thought that after college, it would be difficult to make true friends. Now, as a mother, you meet new friends everywhere! From the childbirth class to your child’s school. You may not have the same background, but you share a key element: motherhood, and it’s effortless to bond and learn new things from each other because of it.

Now you are more sentimental

Before being a mother, you might have found it hard to cry over simple things. But now, motherhood has connected you with your emotional and sentimental side. Movies or even a thank-you card can make you cry a river! You discovered how your love for others can be so boundless that it can’t even be expressed in words.

You can do anything

Before the arrival of your little one, you probably asked for help with simple tasks, like moving furniture around. But now, you are a mother, and you have realized that you can do anything! Impossible tasks that you thought you could never do (like changing a diaper) have now become simple routine tasks! In a way, you have become stronger, more agile, and even smarter. You are truly a superwoman or, more appropriately, a SUPERMOM!

Do you have more benefits of motherhood to share? Let us know in the comments below why YOU think motherhood is amazing!


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