Here at Kinedu, we’re committed to giving parents the best tools for improving their child’s development. But why do we focus on babies 0-2 years old? There’s a good reason for this!The early years matter – for the rest of a person’s life. During this important period of brain development, a baby’s brain is incredibly active – it’s changing and adapting at a rate that won’t be matched for the rest of his or her lifetime.

During this period of rapid change, a child’s foundations for brain architecture are being established. This is the main reason why experiences during these years are some important. Meaningful and engaging experiences between a baby and his caregiver promote the healthy development of brain architecture, which is a predictor of all sorts of positive outcomes in children later on in life. Constant stress, or other negative experiences, do just the opposite.Since experiences literally shape a baby’s brain, parents play an important role in creating this brain architecture. Kinedu helps you harness the learning potential of your child’s early years by taking advantage of the valuable learning opportunities in everyday interactions. We’ll provide you with a developmental roadmap full of ideas for games and activities – personalized to your baby.

For a more detailed (and visual) explanation of the brain’s development in the first years of life, we recommend visiting Harvard’s Center on the Developing Child’s official website at