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How does the quality of my relationship affect my child?

husband kisses pregnant woman's cheek

Generally, families don’t realize that the arrival of a baby can cause some turbulence in their relationships and family dynamics. Studies suggest that 83% of first-time parents experience moderate to severe crises in their relationship. Experts mention that when children frequently witness fights or arguments between the adults in their life, it affects them negatively, causing anxiety or difficulty regulating their emotions.

But the opposite is also true, having a healthy relationship can positively benefit your child. According to the author of “Brain Rules for Baby,” John Medina, working on your relationship is essential to make sure your child can have a happy and healthy development. Recent studies have revealed that children who grow up in a stable family environment have a higher likelihood of academic success, better physical and emotional health, and a lower probability of falling into alcohol or drug addictions. Additionally, these children tend to have better relationships with their parents. So, it’s worth investing in having healthy relationships!


Here are some tips you can follow to work on and strengthen your relationship with your partner, especially after the arrival of your first baby:

– Don’t expect the baby to solve your problems. In fact, you should know that a baby is a great responsibility that both of you need to take on. But don’t worry, you’ll handle it together!
– Make sure the parenting role and responsibilities are shared. Let others help you so you don’t end up exhausted or stressed at the end of the day. Accept help from your partner, relatives, close friends, or anyone willing to lend a hand.
– It’s really important that both parents take an active role in taking care of the baby to build that special bond with your child. Changing diapers, playing fun games, and singing lullabies are just a few examples of the daily activities you can do together.
– It’s normal that in the beginning, the arrival of the new baby consumes everyone’s attention. However, don’t forget that sincere communication and the relationship with your partner are also very important. Find ways to maintain those intimate moments between you, even if it’s just five minutes a day to share how you feel, or reminisce about the things you love about each other. Love always needs attention and care!

We hope these tips help you strengthen your relationship with your partner and your family, so you can navigate this new and exciting stage with more ease and support.

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