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Working on your relationship is beneficial for your baby

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Generally speaking, many couples don’t realize that the birth of their baby could result in some turbulence in their relationship, especially when they believe that a baby is supposed to be the arrival of happiness. Studies like the one conducted by E. LeMasters in 1957, state that around 83% of first-time parents go through moderate and sometimes even severe crisis in their marriages after the arrival of their baby. This is an important aspect to consider during pregnancy given that experts say that when children witness frequent fights or discussions between their parents, they could be negatively affected by anxiety or difficulty in regulating their emotions.

This is why having a “healthy” marriage will have a positive effect on your child. The author of Brain rules for baby, John Medina, guarantees that in order to have a “successful” child, parents must work on their marriage. Recent studies reveal that children that come from a stable marriage stand a higher possibility of having academic success, better physical and emotional health, and a lower probability of becoming addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. Likewise, these children tend to have a better relationship with their parents.

Here’s a list of advice you could try to in order to work on and strengthen your relationship, especially after the arrival of your first born.

1. Never expect a baby to be the solution to your problems. Having a baby is a big responsibility that you both have to take care of.
2. As a new mom, it’s very likely that you want to do everything for your baby by yourself. However, let others help you so you don’t end up exhausted or stressed.
3. It’s highly recommendable that the father has an active participation in taking care of the baby, in order to form the father-children bond.
4. It’s common that your baby gets all of the attention when {he/she} just arrived, and even more common for it to be the mom’s attention. However, honest communication and your romantic relationship must not be left behind. Look for ways to keep things intimate.


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