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One exciting thing you can do during your pregnancy is start preparing your baby’s nursery for his arrival. Maybe you already have kids and just need to add some touches here or there, or maybe you’re a first-time parent and you get to start from scratch. Whatever may be your current situation, here is a list of essentials you’ll most likely need:


  • Crib– Choose a sturdy, neutral-colored crib that you can use later on with if you decide to have another baby. You can opt for a crib that doubles as a toddler bed, for when you need it (although if you plan to pass it on to your next baby there’s really no point). Before making any decisions, check the company’s safety track record when considering which crib to buy.
  • Crib mattress– Try choosing one that’s firm and light (preferably foam which will make it easier for you to change the sheets or move it around).
  • Bassinet– These aren’t necessarily considered must-haves but they are nice-to-haves since it’s smaller than a crib and easier to fit in your bedroom for those first weeks. Having your baby sleep in the same room as you can help establish a breastfeeding schedule as well as help diminish the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. Same deal as the crib, safety comes first when choosing the best option.
  • Baby monitor– Get some peace of mind and stay in the know of what’s happening with your baby at all times. You can find only audio monitors and some with video as well.
  • Rocking chair– Comfort is key here, try out different options and choose the one you and your partner like the most. If you have other kids or are thinking of having other kids anytime soon, there are some gliders that come with a very handy safety lock.
  • Diaper pail– Although not essential, it can make your life a little easier and help you keep your baby’s nursery odor-free.
  • Changing table– You can find a freestanding changing table or a changing pad. Both are fine and serve the same purpose, it’s really all about the amount of space you have. If you choose to have a changing table, you should consider one that can later be given another use like a dresser or storage space.

These are only a few of the things you may want to have ready before your baby arrives. At the end of the day, you’re creating the space your baby’s going to grow up in, have fun decorating and think ahead of all the happy moments you’ll live there!

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