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What do I need for my baby’s nursery?

baby's room

Let’s talk about adorable stuff for your baby’s room!

  • First up, the crib. Choose a sturdy one in neutral colors that you can use for future babies. Practical and budget-friendly! If you like the idea of a crib that transforms into a baby bed, go for it! But if you won’t reuse it, no worries! There are plenty of awesome options out there. Just make sure to check the company’s reputation and that it meets safety standards.
  • The mattress! Go for a firm and lightweight one, preferably foam for easy sheet changes. Comfort for your baby and convenience for you during those diaper changes!
  • Moses basket: Not a must-have, but it’s small and fits in your room during the first weeks. Sleeping close to your baby helps with establishing feeding schedules and reduces the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. Always prioritize safety when choosing one!
  • A baby monitor is super practical to keep you at ease and keep an eye on your little one. You can choose one with audio or even with video, whichever you prefer!
  • The rocking chair is a must for you, mom! Look for comfy options that make you feel good. And if you have other kids or plan on having more, there are chairs with awesome safety features to prevent accidents!
  • Diaper pail, anyone? Of course! Not obligatory, but it will make your life easier and keep the nursery smelling fresh.
  • The changing table is useful, and there are two options: a changing table with drawers or a changing pad. Both work wonders, just pick one based on the space you have. If you go for the table, look for one you can repurpose in the future, like a dresser or a storage spot!

There you go, these are just some cute things to have before your baby arrives. Remember, you’re creating a space full of love for your child to grow in! Enjoy it and think of all the beautiful experiences you’ll have there!

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