We have already discussed the importance of muscle development and how it can influence your baby’s physical milestones. Today we decided to give special attention to a fundamental part of muscular development: the core muscles. Let’s help your baby work on those abs!

The core muscles of your little one are located in the abdomen, pelvis, and back. They are the basic muscles that contribute to strengthening the whole body and helping it stay upright later on. That is what we call posture. Postural control is the foundation upon which your daughter will develop other physical skills. Her posture needs to be toned in order for her to move her arms and legs, turn her head from side to side, and sit in an upright position. It will also be a fundamental aspect of standing up or walking.

To help your baby get the necessary muscular tone she needs to hold a posture there are easy and fun ways to exercise her core:

  • Tummy time: Whenever we talk about your child’s physical development, tummy time always comes up. This activity is essential to strengthen all her core muscles and prepare her for future skills. You can read more about all its benefits here (hyperlink a https://blog.kinedu.com/motor-milestones-why-tummy-time-is-so-important/).
  • Crawling: Once your baby is strong enough to start crawling, you can take advantage of this activity and place obstacles in her way to make her go around them. Use your imagination and build tunnels around her crawling space, or play “crawling tag” with her. Try to catch her while she crawls. When you do, try to hold her so she has to put all her strength to get away. The resistance you are placing on her, can help her develop muscular tone when crawling against it.
  • Bouncing on an exercise ball: Get your Pilates mood on and place your little one on top of a ball so she can start bouncing. Just as it does for you, it will strengthen her whole core. Make sure you are always there to help her, and practice this on a safe soft surface.
  • Collecting objects from the floor: When picking up her toys, bending down and grabbing objects can help strengthen her back muscles.
  • Tickling: Gently tickle her under the chin or feet to ensure she tucks her chin and places her knees towards her chest.

Take some of these tips into account to work on your baby’s core. This group of muscles will be essential to accomplish further milestones.

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