Your daughter is coloring her way into great motor skills

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics and the CDC, between the age of 36 and 48 months, most children can use playdough to make balls, strings and other simple figures, copy shapes like circles, lines and squares, cut across a piece of paper using children’s scissors, put on and off some items of clothing, open jars, open and close large zippers or buttons. These activities involve coordinating many different systems and muscles, and require mastering precise movements using hands and fingers. A great way to encourage the development of your little one’s fine and gross motor skills is mixing the challenge with the play together, something most children are naturally inclined to.

Coloring the pictures in coloring-books or just drawing freely is an excellent activity to help your daughter engage with her physical skills, cognition and creativity. Here are some of the ways in which coloring can help her development:
• It stimulates creativity and appreciation of visual similitudes and differences.
• It cultivates your kid’s hand-to-eye coordination.
• It helps children broaden their vocabulary, as it exposes them (with your help) to the words used to describe lines, colors, shapes, patterns, perspective, etc.
• It benefits your daughter’s color recognition and awareness. She is more likely to discern subtle differences in hues if she gets to experience them first hand.
• It sets a good base for her to work on her finger dexterity, hand coordination and arm strength.
• It provides children with small but challenging tasks, that when completed foster their confidence.
• It’s a great vehicle for self-exploration and self-expression when words aren’t sufficient.
• Coloring inside the lines a picture helps your kid get a sense of structure, and of the need and benefits of having boundaries.
• It requires her to exercise attention to detail and planning, and thus helps develop her executive functions.

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