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Your preschooler’s cognitive development

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In the last couple of years, your child has been working very hard at learning postural control, moving more independently, trying out their language skills by speaking the celebrated first words and communicating with gestures. All the experiences your little one has had so far have contributed to their cognitive development, and there are very exciting milestones coming in the near future!

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, between 24 and 36 months of age your kid will start learning about the different characteristics of the objects that surround them, and will be able to identify and sort objects by their size, shape, or color.


At around 36 months old, you’ll start to notice how your child is very interested in how things work and will now enjoy playing with mechanical toys, completing simple four-pieced puzzles, and will engage in increasingly complex imaginative play where they might ask you or other friends to partake in the fantastical adventure.

Approaching the 48 months mark, your little one will be giving personal concerts by singing entire songs from memory, will be able to play simple board games with you, they will have mastered their attention skills to remember and retell parts of a beloved story, and will have a clearer sense of time and of numerical concepts.

So, having refreshed all the amazing feats your child is working towards in their cognitive development, you can check the Kinedu app for some ideas on how to further boost your little one’s development.

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