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Meet our featured partner: Un Kilo de Ayuda

nonprofit Un Kilo de Ayuda, Mexico

We’re partnering with nonprofits around the world to provide free Premium subscriptions to families severely affected by the pandemic. 

When you upgrade to a yearly plan or purchase a gift card by May 31, we’ll donate a Premium subscription to a family in need. Our team is working with nonprofits, foundations, and other agencies to identify families severely affected by COVID-19, one of which is Un Kilo de Ayuda, an early childhood nonprofit in Mexico.

About Un Kilo de Ayuda:

  • For 35 years, this organization has helped low-income families support their child’s development through workshops, community development programs, and food aid. 
  • Un Kilo de Ayuda has helped more than 20,000 children since its founding.
  • Un Kilo de Ayuda works with urban and rural communities. 80% of families have less than three books at home and the majority access Wifi via public services.

Families in Un Kilo de Ayuda programs will now receive free access to Kinedu. 

The pandemic has been extraordinarily hard for families in Un Kilo de Ayuda programs. 


“85% of families are experiencing food insecurity and 80% have seen a decrease in income, which has affected their ability to provide their adequate nutrition and medical care,” says Fabián Olvera, Director of Evaluation and Research at Un Kilo de Ayuda. “Moreover, 80% of our families have three or fewer books at home and mothers tell us their children are playing and learning less now that daycares are closed.” 

Un Kilo de Ayuda is partnering with Kinedu because they believe that working together is the only way we’ll have a positive impact. 

“We have few ways of offering early childhood services to families in rural communities,” says Olvera. “Kinedu is an ideal resource for families looking to support their child’s early education from home.”

Your subscription purchase directly benefits families in Un Kilo de Ayuda programs. Thank you for helping connect families with Kinedu when they need it most. You can read more about our initiative here.

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