Up until now, you’ve been living with certain family dynamics in this last few months may have taken a 180º turn. A newborn almost always has an impact (at least at the beggining) on the relationship between you and your partner. If you’re first-time parents it can be especially hard for you to jump from the honeymoon stage to the diaper one. If you’ve been through this before, you know better than anyone that bringing a new person (however small she may be) into the mix, inevitably spices things up for both of you as a couple. Preparing your relationship for this huge change is just as important as preparing to welcome your little one into the world. Maybe you’ll snap at each other more often or maybe opt for sleep over quality time and intimacy. When you have a hectic schedule, small things go a long way.

Five love languages by Gary Chapman is a book that has gained plenty of traction for the last few years and it states that every person “speaks” a different love language. We each have a way of expressing our love and of perceiving the other’s. Much of what this theory aims at is that couples should learn their own language along with their partner’s, so that they can ensure that even the smallest detail leaves the biggest mark on their loved ones.

These are the 5 ways in which you express or perceive love according to the author:
• Quality time: you feel loved when you have your partner’s undivided attention (Instagram free meal).
• Acts of service: you value the small favors your partner does for you (like picking up the laundry or cooking a favorite meal).
• Words of affirmation: you express or feel loved through compliments or words of appreciation.
• Receiving gifts: you feel loved when your partner thinks of you and brings you something (the gift is a symbol, a reminder that your partner remembered you throughout the day; that’s the important thing, not the cost).
• Physical touch: you feel loved while holding hands, cuddling, touching briefly when entering a room.

The faster you discover which love language you speak and which one your partner speaks, the faster your bond can grow stronger. Maybe your spouse enjoys words of affirmation over acts of service, try including some actions specific to his love language and see for yourself how the connection between the two of you will be exponentially strengthened and be better prepared to receive your little one.