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Kinedu 101

baby boy and mom solving a peg puzzle

Welcome! In this guide you’ll find everything you need to know about Kinedu!

Activity Plan:

Your activity plan is your program of daily activities. To create the activity plan, we take into account the assessment you answered at the beginning – reason for which is very important you answer it carefully. By analyzing which developmental milestones your baby has not reached yet, it suggests activities that will help him/her reinforce the skills needed. The activity plan is generated for 7 days and at the end of this period it will tally the missing milestones and will create a new activity plan based on the milestones that have not been reached. In the activity plan screen you will find 4 activities assigned for each day.

During those 7 days you will have the opportunity to see various types of activities – ones that may seem easy for your baby and others that you may find more complex. You should not expect your child to be able to complete all the activities; they are designed to be done with time. The important thing is to practice constantly and strengthen his/her skills!

Recording Progress:

When you finish an activity with your baby it is very important that you continue to update your baby’s progress. A small assessment will be displayed, for which you will have to answer if your baby was able to reach certain milestones. The way to answer this mini assessment is the same way as before! We strongly emphasize the recording progress process because with those brief questions, the next activity plan will be updated to fit you baby’s needs and so will the Reports section of our app.

Viewing Reports:

In the Reports section you will be able to see your baby’s improvement compared to the initial assessment and compared to that of children his/her same age. In order for the reports to be accurate, we stress on the importance of constantly updating your baby’s milestones. Many parents wondered what they could expect from their child’s development within their age group. With the complete reports section, you will be able to have a preview of what your baby will accomplish in the following months! You’ll also see clear graphics depicting the number of milestones and activities that you completed each week, your baby’s upcoming milestones, and a specific Track suggestion.

Daily Reminders:

If you want the app to establish daily reminders for you to do the activities with your baby, you simply select the left menu then go to the bottom and select ‘settings’, and afterwards simply establish the timing of your preference.

Becoming a Premium user: 


Premium users have the following benefits:

  • Full access to all activities on the activity plan
  • Activity Catalog
  • Option to add caregivers (such as spouse, grandparents, uncles, etc.) into a single account
  • Option to add up to 5 babies
  • Complete progress reports

You can access these new features and the next to come, as well as your full activity plan if you are Premium user. You can also individually buy each activity and new features.

Kinedu Community:

We also welcome you to become the newest member of our Kinedu community! Where we upload daily content on child development – such as articles, tips, talks, and awesome book recommendations.

We’ve also added a Comments section on every activity and article in the app, hoping to create a positive forum for parents and caregivers using the app in which they can share tips, ask and answer questions and hopefully even find support in one another. Feel free to comment about your experience and ask away – we’re listening 🙂

This is all for now! Questions or comments? Please feel free to contact us at or simply leave a message right here! We’ll be happy to help!

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26 Responses

  1. Hi, I have the standard account on Kinedu. It popped up with a progress update and said something along the lines of the point ‘gets annoyed when activity is interrupted’. Where would I find this point? I have been through all the different little areas and have been unable to find it again.

    G x

    1. Hi Gemma! It’s one of our Milestones related to the Skill “Developing Independence”, you can go to the “Progress” section and click on “Milestones”. In there, choose the skill “Developing Independence”. The milestone “Protests when activities are interrupted” should be in there, it is targeted for babies between 7-9. Months, so if it’s not there yet, it might appear in a few more weeks. If you need anything else, you can write to us at

  2. You’re asking for the feedback, however not giving a chance to test the app without paying for the use of it. I couldn’t even read the tasks for the first day. Very sad and unpleasant experience, as i’m not intended to pay for unknown content. You really should reconsider this payment approach!

    1. Hello Natalja! Thanks for leaving us a comment. We do have free trials so you can try the premium membership before purchasing the app. Please check your email, our customer support team already contacted you. You can always write us to, and one of our agents will be happy to help in everything you need.

  3. I love this app. I had so many baby books giving to me but who has time to read the books when you have your baby there with you. I was struggling with how to engage with my baby when he was awake, because babbling on to him about nothing. Love that the app gives direction with super cute, easy ways to make sure I’m doing the most out of my time with him!

    1. Hi Amber! we are glad you are enjoying the experience using kinedu! Please don´t hesitate to contact us with further questions or comments =)

  4. I am a first time parent and this has become a helpful guide in showing me various ways to entertain and interact with my baby.

  5. I Love Kinedu…. it’s a wonderful App,
    As soon as there stand : Premium Users can Choose a Language I will buy it instantly.
    Keep going with the good work, regards,

  6. I am loving this app. It is well worth the money! The videos do a great job of instructing how to do the activities, and the assessment questions are great. It is so fun to watch our new baby respond to the activities and watch him grow!

    1. That’s so great to hear – thanks for sharing 🙂 Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or further comments.

  7. My sister and l are happy becuse we learn many things from this app,it’s very useful for us.
    Thanke you.

  8. I love it having a great experience with it and Peyton is having fun working on milestones daily I’m thankful for this app best out and I’m gonna use it as he grows

    1. Thanks! Awesome to hear you and Peyton are spending quality time together everyday! Keep it up 😀

  9. Me encanta!! Muy instructivo! Solo me gustaría que tuviese la opción para español porque no manejo el Inglés al 100%

    1. Hola Maritza! Qué bueno que estás disfrutando de Kinedu! El idioma de la aplicación depende del idioma de tu celular – si cambias el idioma general de tu celular desde ajustes, automáticamente se cambiará la aplicación también al español. 🙂

  10. I love this app!
    I had downloaded others but this one seems a great fit for my daughter. I enjoy the assessment it allows me too see where my child needs more attention. Thanks for inventing this learning program❤️✌️✨

  11. kinedu is a good app n loved it.i shared it with some friends n fam.cause i think its a good app

  12. Kinedu is a wonderful APP! my husband and I were glad that we downloaded it. Although we know that children have their different milestones, this is a great guide esp. for new parents like us! KUDOS to all the Staff!

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