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little boy playing with bubbles

Is your child overactive?

Key points: 1. Allow your child to fidget to help them focus. 2. Outdoor activities boost attention and impulse control….

two siblings drinking fruit juice

When can babies have juice?

Key points: The American Academy of Pediatrics has updated its recommendations on fruit juice consumption, advising that babies under 12…

mom massaging her baby's chest

Benefits of baby massage

Key points: 1. Massaging your baby helps relieve pain from cramps, gas, constipation, and teething. 2. It promotes relaxation, reduces…

parents and baby playing with toy instruments

How does music benefit your toddler?

Key points: 1. Music is vital for a toddler’s development, enhancing cognitive, social, and emotional skills. 2. Exposing toddlers to…

bashful toddler

Is your baby bashful?

Key points: Introverted and bashful children are often confused, but they are different. Bashful children want to socialize but find…

two children playing with wooden toys

Tips on playdates

Key points: Provides tips on organizing playdates for infants and toddlers, including finding suitable playmates and avoiding too much structure….

little girl having a tantrum

How to discipline a child?

Key points: Shifting from power-based discipline to collaboration can be a more effective way for parents to influence their children’s…

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