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The Baby Development Tracker App

Baby Development Tracker App

If a child isn’t able to perform a particular skill by a certain age, it may be a sign of a developmental delay. However, more often than not a child just needs a little extra encouragement through interaction and play! Tracking your child’s milestones allows you to see where your child may need additional support and address delays before they turn into larger problems, and a baby development tracker app might be useful for that.

Milestones matter. Although every child develops at their own pace, milestones offer important clues about your child’s developmental journey and help you identify potential problems sooner. 

Tracking your child’s milestones also helps you to stay on top of your child’s many changes in between doctor’s visits. Your pediatrician will conduct routine wellness checks during the early years of your child’s life and knowing exactly where your child stands will help make those appointments more productive and informative. Apps like Kinedu let you easily track milestones and visualize your child’s progress over time.

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How Kinedu works

Kinedu helps you and your child learn and grow through play. Its full suite of features is designed to support your child’s unique developmental journey by giving you playtime ideas and practical solutions to everyday parenting challenges.

Unlike other baby development apps, Kinedu is personalized to your baby’s current stage versus age alone. That means that instead of using age-based milestone timelines, Kinedu’s smart technology—built-in coordination with researchers at Stanford University– assesses your child’s development based on their current skill set.

After creating an account, every Kinedu user is offered a free developmental assessment. This information helps personalize your activity and article recommendations while also giving you a snapshot of your child’s progress. Kinedu breaks down these recommendations into daily activity plans that pace your activities throughout the week.

  • Personalized activity plan according to your baby's developmental stage.

To support a specific skill, you can also explore the catalog with all of our activities and articles.

Click HERE to download Kinedu for FREE!

Track your child’s progress

Tracking your child’s milestones is easy. After completing an activity, mark whether or not your child was able to perform the indicated skill. If not, Kinedu will continue suggesting activities to target the skill. You can also update your child’s milestones directly in the progress section.

Updating your child’s progress allows you to see what milestones are coming up and compare their development to thousands of other babies. Our charts include data from 4+ million Kinedu users around the world.

Is your baby’s development on track?

Playtime offers a window into your baby’s developmental progress. A lot can be learned by simply observing your baby during an activity. Kinedu gives parents easy activities to do at home with their little ones that promote skill growth. Each activity on the app includes a one to two-minute video guide with step-by-step instructions on how to carry out the activity and what to observe as you and your child play. As you play together, you’ll gain valuable insights into your child’s current developmental stage.

Click HERE to download Kinedu for FREE!

Ready to use the baby development tracker app used by more than 7 million parents worldwide? Download Kinedu for free and fill out the developmental assessment for your baby today!

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