When in a relationship, certain rituals and habits that you used to had with your partner change a little during pregnancy. Your usual date night or that unwinding glass of wine at night, although seemingly insignificant, did wonders for the intimacy and connection you both felt. When these “rituals” change, your partner may miss spending quality time and connecting with you. He may miss it more than you since he isn’t going through the “pregnant” experience. You’re bonding day and night with your little one as she grows inside you and it’s normal for your partner to feel like he is on the sidelines.

It’s been said that neglect and resentment surface when “life takes over”. When your attention is all over the place and things like work, chores and social media ask for your undivided attention all day, they inevitably take time away from your relationship.  At this stage, your relationship is no longer just the two of you, you’re bringing a little baby girl to the mix and ensuring a strong foundation for your family should be a number one priority during your pregnancy.  There’s endless little things you can do to make sure your relationship thrives. Just like everything in life, it takes work and consistency.

Validation and gratitude go a long way here. A study published by the journal Personal Relationships, states that small acts of gratitude drastically changed the feelings of satisfaction, the connection and the quality of the relationship. Seek out ways to be grateful to your partner each day, mix it up a bit with phrases such as “I appreciate it when you…”, “I love it when you…”. Praises both in public and privately almost always makes the other person feel valued and appreciated. Pay attention to the details and take action, your partner may throw a few hints your way about a craving or chore he is too tired to do that day.

Every little thing you do helps. The specifics of your date nights may have changed (who really needs the wine?) but never its essence. Make time for your partner creating new ways to connect and show you’re grateful for each other every day.

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