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Why organic clothes matter for your baby

newborn clothes

Babies and infants are much more sensitive to what we put on their skin than adults. Here’s how we can make the cutest and safest options accessible to all.

For new and expecting parents, few things look as adorable as a cute baby outfit. It beautifully wraps the little one like a warm lasting hug. But one thing that still gets little attention is the quality of the clothes we put on our babies’ sensitive skin. The baby clothes we usually find in retail stores or online have often been treated with chemicals that may be harmful (even when you read 100% cotton). These include pesticides used to grow cotton as well as chemicals used to create a color, a print, or certain features like making the clothes stain or odor-resistant.

  1. Why It Matters More For Babies

Relative to their body size, infants absorb much more of their environment than adults. They are also less able than adults to naturally break down or eliminate chemicals absorbed into the body. A large part of what infants absorb happens through the skin, which is thinner and more permeable for babies than adults. As a result, substances that come in contact with baby skin are more easily absorbed and penetrate into deeper skin layers.

  1. Organic Soup, Organic Onesie

Awareness about organic products has been growing among parents about food and that’s great. However, the message about the impact of chemically-treated baby clothing didn’t spread as fast despite the potential long term health consequences on infants. The best and safest alternative for baby clothes today is certified organic cotton. Organic cotton is grown naturally and sustainably, without herbicides, pesticides, or any other harmful chemicals. Choosing organic means limiting baby’s exposure to harmful chemicals usually found in non-organic clothing.

  1. Lack of Information and Access Beats Urgency

Despite the clear benefits, it remains unrealistic to expect most parents to switch to organic baby clothes. First, parents can’t possibly do in-depth research and make well-informed choices on every single issue. In addition, organic baby clothes are harder to find and, when available, they are usually significantly more expensive. Most people cannot afford them or justify spending the price as babies grow fast and clothes will only be used a few times. And often, parents get clothes from loved ones as hand-me-downs or gifts and have little control over what fabrics are picked.

UpChoose was started to help solve this and make the cutest and safest options easily available to all.

UpChoose baby wardrobe solution offers moms all the essential baby clothing in one easy set, delivered to their door at each phase of their baby’s growth. Parents pick the size they need and style they prefer and receive a selection of adorable, premium organic baby clothes. UpChoose curates clothes from the most sustainable brands based on an in-depth assessment. All items are 100% organic cotton certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard, the world’s leading processing standard for organic textiles.


When their baby is ready for the next size, parents have the option to return the clothes and earn credit towards the next size. Because of the return system, UpChoose can offer both new and preloved sets, and charge each customer significantly less.

A baby set from UpChoose is also a great gift for a family member or loved ones, or to add to a baby registry. Because it’s a program that grows with the baby, friends and family can contribute at any stage and help make the switch to organic a lasting change.

With UpChoose you:

  • Take the guesswork out: Get all the essentials in one place and save time to focus on what matters most.
  • Get the best fabrics: Choose your style and receive adorable 100% organic clothes that respect your baby’s skin.
  • Save money: Pay less for organic clothing and earn credit when you return them. Avoid having money sleeping in your closet.​
  • Reduce clutter and waste. Babies grow fast! Pioneer a new model of preloved clothing and help protect the planet.

If you’d like to learn more, visit the following sites:

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