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Doula: What is it and what is their purpose?

what is a doula

Are you pregnant or did you have a baby just a few days or weeks ago? We would like to explain a little more about the job of a doula so that you can decide if you’ll like to hire one to help you out.

Do you know what a doula is and how they can support you during your pregnancy (and even after it)? If you want to know what this person can do for you, then keep reading!

What is a doula?

Doula is an expert in pregnancy and childbirth who provides comprehensive support to the mother who is expecting a baby. Typically, their profession is more about providing support during the birth of a baby; however, they can also help you during the stages previous and after childbirth.

What does a doula do?

Their activities are very diverse, from providing support during pregnancy by solving your doubts to reassuring you about the fears that arise while expecting a baby. However, they can also assist you during the postpartum stage.

During labor, doulas are close to the mother and have the knowledge to recommend actions to help relieve pain. These include breathing techniques, relaxation, massages, and assistance in performing certain positions to aid you in labor.

Their goal is to help make the birth of your baby a positive and safe experience.

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Benefits of hiring a doula

Since they have extensive knowledge about pregnancy and how to support mothers before, during, and after childbirth, a doula can help you have a positive experience while you wait for your baby to be born.

These are some of the benefits of having a doula:

1. They provide greater safety and comfort

This professional provides security and advice to the future mother. From helping her plan the childbirth to making suggestions about her diet and feeding during pregnancy.

They also help you choose a comfortable position, supports and accompanies you during labor, creating a bond of complicity during the important moment of birth.

2. They offer pain management techniques

Childbirth is a painful process, that’s why so many women prefer to use pain relievers. But having the support of a doula can reduce the use of these medications. This is because they can teach you different techniques to reduce labor’s discomfort.

3. They help reduce the time of labor

Sometimes labor can be a bit slow. The good news is that when a mother is accompanied by family members, their partner, or a doula she usually experiences a less lengthy process.

Good! Now you know what a doula is, how they can help you during this important stage, and the advantages of hiring their services. Also, they might help you do some prenatal stimulation exercises. If you’re interested in this topic download our app for free!

If you have any questions about this material or want to share an experience related to what you read here, we invite you to write in the comment section. We would love to read from you!

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