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Check out articles on baby health, with topics such as potty training, fever, bronchitis, diaper changing, healthy habits, safety tips, among others.

Check out articles on baby health, with topics such as potty training, fever, bronchitis, diaper changing, healthy habits, safety tips, among others.

baby and mom in the pool
Health Guide

How to ensure child water safety?

Key points: 1. Practice water safety to prevent drowning, the leading cause of accidental death in young children. 2. Supervise your child closely…

little girl, baby and mom exploring vegetables in the kitchen
Health Guide

5 Feeding facts: What should parents know?

Key points: Encourage food play for better acceptance of new foods; let kids feel, see, hear, and smell foods before tasting. Kids can…

two siblings drinking fruit juice
Health Guide

When can babies have juice?

Key points: The American Academy of Pediatrics has updated its recommendations on fruit juice consumption, advising that babies under 12 months old should…

mom massaging her baby's chest
Health Guide

Benefits of baby massage

Key points: 1. Massaging your baby helps relieve pain from cramps, gas, constipation, and teething. 2. It promotes relaxation, reduces stress, and enhances…

baby boy camping

Baby’s first camping trip

Key points: Prepare for varied weather with appropriate clothing layers. Ensure safe sleeping conditions and bring comfort items. Breastfeeding is convenient for feeding…

mom comforting her crying baby after a fall

What do I do if my baby falls?

Key points:1. After a Fall: Stay calm when your baby falls. Look for warning signs: swelling, bleeding, unconsciousness, vomiting, imbalance, crying, pupil differences.2….

little girl using potty
Potty Training

How to potty train your toddler

Key points: 1. Potty Training Milestone: Potty training is a significant developmental step. Choose the right time, involve your child, and create a…

baby girl surrounded by baby clothes
Healthy Habits

How to dress and undress my baby?

Key Points: 1. Bonding Through Dressing: Dressing and undressing your baby is a bonding opportunity. Prepare clean, comfortable clothes and follow safe steps….

adult bathing a baby
Healthy Habits

How to bathe a baby

Key Points: The article emphasizes the importance of bathtime as a relaxing and soothing transition from daytime to bedtime, and suggests setting a…

mom giving her baby a sponge bath
Healthy Habits

How to sponge bathe a newborn

Key Points: The article provides tips for parents to safely and comfortably give a sponge bath to a newborn, including preparing the location…

dad putting a bandaid on his son's cut
Healthy Habits

How to take care of cuts and scratches

Key Points: The article discusses how to care for cuts and scrapes in young children, including washing the wound with soap and water,…

baby boy showing a bee sting
Health Guide

How to treat a wasp or bee sting in a baby

Key Points: 1. Insect stings cause instant skin reactions with red swelling. Wasp/bee stings inject venom, usually treatable at home except for severe…