Category: Health

Learn more about your baby’s health in articles about common diseases, special cares, healthy habits, safety, diapers, potty training, and more.

baby teething and chewing a toy

Teething: Signs to look out for

Between your little one’s fourth and seventh month, their teeth will begin to come out. It’s a wonderful stage! In

baby sleeping with a pacifier

Important facts about pacifiers

As parents, sometimes it’s hard to know if or when to give your baby a pacifier. Overall, around the subject,

mom giving her baby a bath

Bath time fun!

At first, baths will be uncomfortable for your baby. You take off their clothes, they feel cold, and then you

woman with little girl in a pool

Swimming pool safety guidelines

When summer arrives, it comes with warm, sunny days that are ideally spent splashing around in a pool. Thinking about

baby girl playing with electrical socket

Babyproofing 101

Did you know that house injuries are one of the top reasons kids under 3 visit the E.R. each year?

fussy baby crying

The best way to calm a fussy baby

Crying is the way babies communicate their discomfort, hunger, or need for attention. It’s quite normal to have a fussy

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