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Check out articles on baby health, with topics such as potty training, fever, bronchitis, diaper changing, healthy habits, safety tips, among others.

Check out articles on baby health, with topics such as potty training, fever, bronchitis, diaper changing, healthy habits, safety tips, among others.

baby girl pointing to an insect bite
Health Guide

How to treat painful insect bites or stings

Key points: 1. Insect bites and stings from ants, caterpillars, and centipedes cause swelling and itching. Treat with baking soda and water mixture….

mom putting a bandaid on her girl's scratch
Health Guide

How to treat bumps and bruises

Key points: 1. Most bruises heal on their own, changing colors from red to green or yellow. Apply cold compresses and anti-inflammatory ointment…

baby receiving a vaccine
Health Guide

Why is it important to vaccinate my baby?

Key points: 1. Experts agree that vaccines for children are crucial in preventing serious diseases and are considered safe. 2. Newborns receive temporary…

pediatrician checking a baby's ear
Health Guide

Ear infection: Symptoms and Treatment

Key points: 1. Ear infections (otitis) result from bacteria, viruses, or allergies blocking the Eustachian tube, often after colds, affecting kids mostly. 2….

little boy playing with wooden blocks
Health Guide

What is autism and what are the first signs?

Key points: 1. Autism involves brain development differences and is influenced by genetic and environmental factors, excluding upbringing and vaccines as causes. 2….

pediatrician checking baby's heart
Health Guide

Anemia in babies: Symptoms and prevention

Key points: 1. Iron is crucial for oxygenating the body through hemoglobin, essential for healthy skin and child development. 2. Maintain iron-rich diet…

baby visiting the pediatrician
Health Guide

How to know if my baby swallowed something?

Key points:1. Babies at this stage are becoming more mobile, crawling and exploring their surroundings by putting objects in their mouths to discover…

baby receiving a vaccine
Health Guide

Do vaccines cause autism?

Key points: 1. Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) encompass a broad range of symptoms, skills, and disability levels caused by differences in brain functioning,…

cloth diapers and disposable diapers

How many diapers does a baby use every day?

Key points: Diaper changes indicate baby’s health: Wet and dirty diapers reflect hydration and digestion. Average diaper usage: Around 8 diapers daily after…

baby opening cupboard

How can I baby-proof my home?

Key points: As your baby becomes more mobile, baby-proofing the house becomes a top priority. Babies explore quickly, so it’s important to remove…

little girl drawing at daycare

How can I choose the best daycare for my baby?

Key points: Consider location, reputation, and environment when choosing a daycare. Verify safety, emergency procedures, and cleanliness. Check schedules, activities, personalized attention, and…

baby shoes

When do babies need shoes?

Key points: 1. Babies don’t need shoes while learning to walk. 2. Walking barefoot indoors is beneficial for muscle strength and coordination. 3….