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are pacifiers bad

Pacifiers cons and pros

Key points: Pacifiers may help reduce the probability of sudden and unexpected death of an apparently healthy baby when used…

when do babies roll over

When Do Babies Roll Over?

Want to know when babies roll over and how to help your little one get there? Here are some activities!…

baby poop color

What do baby poop colors mean?

Key points:1. Observe and understand your baby’s needs from birth.2. Normal baby stool colors are yellow, green, or brown.3. Stool…

baby smiling

When do babies smile?

Key points:1. Baby smiles evolve through stages: reflexive, responsive, social, and anticipatory.2. Newborns show spontaneous smiles during REM sleep; it’s…

joint attention

What is joint attention?

Key points: Engaging in shared attention efforts is one of the easiest ways to bond with your child while supporting…

parallel play

What is parallel play?

Key points: Parallel play is a normal stage in a child’s development, where they play on their own but near…

scaffolding learning process

What is scaffolding in education?

Key points:1. Scaffolding is a learning process in which adults provide support to children’s development, helping them connect existing knowledge…

baby crawling backwards

Why is my baby crawling backwards?

Key points: Babies may crawl backward before they crawl forward during their learning process. Crawling develops between 6 to 10…

newborn reflexes

What are the newborn reflexes?

Key Points: Newborn reflexes are innate survival mechanisms that protect infants from harm and indicate the proper functioning of the…

when do babies say their first word?

My baby’s first words

Key points:1. Babies learn to talk through imitation and association.2. A baby’s first words, like “mama” or “dada,” start as…

mom giving her baby a sponge bath

How to sponge bathe a newborn

Key Points: The article provides tips for parents to safely and comfortably give a sponge bath to a newborn, including…

weaning baby

How to wean from breastfeeding

Key Points: The article explains the meaning of weaning and the reasons for starting the process. It provides tips for…

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