Category: Cognitive

Learn about the cognitive development, its milestones and stages, and how to help your child develop cognitive skills at home.

mom helping her baby girl crawl

The benefits of crawling!

The traditional hands-and-knees or cross crawl is full of benefits. Not only is it your baby’s first official means of

little boy playing with a plane toy

The benefits of boredom

When pre-school kids and toddlers complain that they’re bored, parents often try to relieve their boredom right away. They feel

little girl learning by imitation

Learning through imitation

Babies learn through imitation; it allows them to practice and master new skills. They observe others doing things and then

baby on his tummy staring at the camera

The logical minds of babies

Have you ever wondered how babies learn? How does a baby’s logic work? MIT Early Childhood Cognition Lab lead investigator,

Little boy showing some red playdough

Why the early years matter

Here at Kinedu, we’re committed to giving parents the best tools for improving their child’s development. But why do we

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