Category: Child Development

Read articles about the science behind child development and physical, cognitive, linguistic, social, and emotional milestones.

indoor activities for kids

7 Indoor Activities for Kids

Need some ideas for indoor activities for kids? Discover easy, fun, and engaging ways to help your toddler or preschooler

when do babies start walking?

When Do Babies Start Walking?

Your baby’s first steps are something every parent waits for and anticipates with excitement. As you watch your baby grow

how to play with newborn

How To Play with Your Newborn

Learning how to play with your newborn will help support their cognitive, physical, and linguistic development. Discover simple newborn activities

art activities for kids

6 Art Activities For Kids

Discover art activities for kids that help develop cognitive, physical, social, and language skills that are easy, safe, and fun

baby smiling

Your baby’s smile

You’ve probably seen your baby’s first reflexive smile while they were sleeping, but once they look right into your eyes

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