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Benefits of prenatal yoga

Expectant mothers go through a lot of hormonal, emotional and physical changes in a short period of time. Prenatal yoga

pregnant woman maditating

Preparing your body for birth

According to the experts, exercising before your baby is born can change your experience when giving birth. There are some

pregnant woman doing yoga

Quality not quantity

Exercise is key to stay emotionally and physically healthy. It has plenty of benefits, but to obtain them, it’s important

two pregnant women smiling

The importance of Kegel exercises

What are the Kegel exercises and what are its benefits? Kegels are exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, prepare

pregnant woman doing yoga

Exercising: Quantity vs Quality

Pregnancy is a period filled with new sensations and experiences since your body is in constant change. This new transition

pregnant woman preparing for pilates

Exercise: Take it easy

Constant and moderate exercising during pregnancy is very beneficial for your body and your baby’s development. When you engage in

pregnant woman with back pain

Backache during pregnancy

Now that your baby is bigger and stronger, you might’ve felt a kick or two. Each day your baby’s growing

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