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Tag: 25-36 months


little boy putting on his pants

Teaching my kid how to get dressed

Key points: Independent dressing is a crucial skill for preschoolers, typically starting between 36-48 months. Learning to dress independently builds…

little boy crossing his fingers behind his back while lying

How to teach honesty to children

Key points: Lying is a normal behavior for preschoolers as they learn social and emotional skills. Preschooler lies are often…

little boy balancing on the train tracks

How do children develop their balance?

Key Points: Balance involves maintaining controlled body positions during static and dynamic activities, requiring the integration of the vestibular, visual,…

family having a stroll with their dog

Physical activity for toddlers?

Key points: Many children under 5 years old fail to meet the minimum physical activity guidelines, and research suggests they…

baby patting a little cat

Developing empathy towards animals

Key points: Toddlers and pre-kindergarten children often inadvertently behave in ways that are not kind to animals, but early education…

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