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Social & Emotional

Discover the key milestones of physical, cognitive, linguistic and socio-affective child development and understand the science behind child development.

Discover the key milestones of physical, cognitive, linguistic and socio-affective child development and understand the science behind child development.

two toddlers singing happily

How to sing with a toddler

Key points: Socioemotional benefits: Singing is a shared activity that builds social skills, regulates emotions, and models self-care. Physical, cognitive, and linguistic benefits:…

mothers singing to their babies

Benefits of singing to your baby

Key points: Singing to your baby has developmental and emotional benefits, including strengthening your parental bond and teaching your child how to listen…

Father and son playing on the swings
Social & Emotional

How to be present if you are a multitasker

Key points: Experts are calling “distracted parenting” or “partial attention parenting” a concerning new phenomenon that could be detrimental to children’s social and…

mother reading with her little girl

5 love books for children

Key points:Book recommendations for Valentine’s Day: Todd Parr’s “”The I Love You Book.”” Anna Dewdney’s “”Llama Llama I Love You.”” Laura Numeroff’s “”Happy…

parents smiling with their baby girl and a daughter with Down Syndrome
Social & Emotional

How to help all siblings feel special

Key points: Siblings of children with special needs may be overlooked due to the focus on therapy and appointments. Special attention can be…

daughter hugging her mother
Social & Emotional

How to foster a family culture of gratitude

Key points: Vivimos en un mundo dominado por la impaciencia que puede crear una sensación de derecho y desdibujar la línea entre deseos…

dad and daughter hugging
Social & Emotional

The power of positive communication

Key points: Positive communication with children is fundamental for their development, building their confidence, resilience, and grit, and providing them with a model…

parents sitting with baby boy and little girl
Social & Emotional

What is the attachment theory?

Key points: Attachment is a relational process that starts developing since infancy and consolidates during the first years of life, which involves a…

toddlers building towers together
Social & Emotional

Baby games: The 6 stages of social play

We as humans are social beings, so all parents look forward to seeing their little ones begin to make friends and interact with…

Woman introducing solids to babies

A speechy start to solids

Introducing solids to a baby is very exciting. And since we use the same parts of our mouth for eating and for talking,…

baby pointing
Social & Emotional

Pointing as an indicator of language 

Key points: Pointing is one of the earliest ways in which babies communicate before they can speak, and can begin around 9-18 months…

father holding his daughter as if she was flying
Social & Emotional

How parents help babies develop a Theory of mind

Key points: Theory of Mind is understanding others’ mental states (emotions, intent, beliefs). It’s a fundamental cognitive ability developed through social interactions. Early…

babies in a play date
Social & Emotional

Tips for play dates

Key points: Establish clear ground rules for behavior and play during the gathering. Provide healthy, protein-rich snacks to keep the children energized and…

mom walking her children to school
Social & Emotional

5 back to school tips

Key points: Setting up expectations can help make the transition back to school stress-free for children. Using positive language and “get to” statements…