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Social & Emotional

Discover the key milestones of physical, cognitive, linguistic and socio-affective child development and understand the science behind child development.

Discover the key milestones of physical, cognitive, linguistic and socio-affective child development and understand the science behind child development.

mom teaching her son how to wash his hands
Social & Emotional

Self-care activities for preschoolers

Key points: Teaching personal hygiene and self-care is crucial for a child’s future independence. Essential self-care areas for preschoolers include sleep, food, drink,…

father tickling his daughter
Social & Emotional

Happy father’s day

Key points: Fathers have a unique role in their child’s life, providing emotional support and promoting inner growth and strength, offering a sense…

mom lying on the floor with her daughter

How can you help your little one thrive?

Key points: Harvard’s Center on the Developing Child has identified three key principles for giving children the best chance to reach their potential:…

parallel play
Social & Emotional

What is parallel play?

Key points: Parallel play is a normal stage in a child’s development, where they play on their own but near their peers without…

two siblings paying inside a box
Social & Emotional

What is temperament in child development?

Key points: Temperament is innate and part of the unique wiring of each individual’s brain, separate from parenting skills. Temperament is made up…

baby girl covering her face with her hat
Social & Emotional

What makes a child shy? Part II

Key points: The origins of shyness can be found in the temperamental reactivity of infants and the responsiveness of their parents. Over-protective and…

mother scolding her baby
Social & Emotional

How to manage your child’s aggressive behavior 

Key points: Toddlers may exhibit aggressive behaviors like hitting, pushing, or biting due to their limited self-control and emotional intelligence. It’s crucial for…

little boy pretending to mow the lawn as his father
Social & Emotional

Why does your child imitate you?

Key points: Imitation plays a crucial role in a child’s socio-emotional development, influencing their habits, expressions, points of view, word choices, and decision-making…

grandparent and grandchildren reading together
Social & Emotional

The importance of grandparents

Key points: Grandparents have an important role in a child’s development and can have measurable effects on each other’s psychological well-being. Grandparents are…

scaffolding learning process
Social & Emotional

What is scaffolding in education?

Key points:1. Scaffolding is a learning process in which adults provide support to children’s development, helping them connect existing knowledge to new skills.2….

child's independence: baby playing alone with a toy
Social & Emotional

How to encourage independent play

Key points:1. Play is vital for a child’s development, helping them learn, build relationships, and develop essential life skills.2. Toddlers can start learning…

baby self-feeding with a spoon
Social & Emotional

At what age do babies eat by themselves?

Key points:1. Between 8-12 months, expect your child to explore food and eating, which can be messy and playful.2. Encourage their independence and…

little boy covering his face with his hands
Social & Emotional

What makes a child shy? PART I

Key points: Temperament is innate and can make a child more or less likely to be shy, but can be modified by experiences…

a couple day-dreaming about their baby
Social & Emotional

Becoming new parents

Key points: Acknowledge and embrace the changes that come with welcoming a new member to the family. Improving the quality of a couple’s…

two siblings riding scooters

What is children’s theory of mind?

Key points: 1. Theory of mind is the ability to understand that others have their own thoughts, beliefs, and desires. 2. Younger children…