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Social & Emotional

Discover the key milestones of physical, cognitive, linguistic and socio-affective child development and understand the science behind child development.

Discover the key milestones of physical, cognitive, linguistic and socio-affective child development and understand the science behind child development.

two siblings and mom reading a book

The magic behind routines

We’ve already talked about how important routines are for our babies and kids, and that they provide a sense of safety and predictability….

toddlers doing yoga
Social & Emotional

How to practice mindfulness with your child

Practicing mindfulness is a wonderful way to improve behavior and to increase focus. Both of them are critical for boosting our children’s language….

parents with baby doing family resolutions
Social & Emotional

Making this the best year yet!

Time flies when you spend it your little one, right? In the spirit of making this year special for you and your loved…

family celebrarting Christmas
Social & Emotional

Tips for a stress-free holiday season

Key points: Parents are often overloaded during the winter holidays and it’s important to set reasonable expectations and prioritize what’s important. Working together…

little girl pointing at herself
Social & Emotional

How to build a child’s self-esteem

Key points: Children build their self-esteem through experiences and nurturing their confidence. A is for Appreciation – pay attention to your child’s interests…

two siblings fighting
Social & Emotional

How to deal with unwanted behavior

Key points: Parents need to observe and analyze toddlers’ behaviors to understand what they are trying to communicate. Behavior patterns are crucial in…

parents kissing their baby
Social & Emotional

Empowered Parenting

Key points: Parenting styles are unique and may vary based on personal values and beliefs. Successful parenting involves a complex relational process that…

Social & Emotional

How environment shapes development

Key points: 1. The environment significantly influences a child’s genes and development from before birth. 2. Epigenetics explores how experiences affect gene expression…

little girl hugging her mom
Social & Emotional

How can I foster gratitude in my kids?

Key points: 1. Expressing gratitude leads to being compassionate, generous, happy, and healthy. 2. Nurture gratitude in children by modeling and appreciating them….

little girl reading a book with mom
Social & Emotional

5 recommendations of back-to-school books

Key points: 1. Books prepare kids for school and encourage communication. 2. “The Pout-Pout Fish Goes to School” and “The Kissing Hand” comfort…

mother and two toddlers walking through an airport

5 tips for traveling with a baby

Key points: 1. Limit screen time for kids (2-5 years). 2. Pack appropriate entertainment for the trip. 3. Engage in word games to…

mom caressing her newborn baby
Social & Emotional

The importance of “being there”

Key points: 1. “Being there” involves serve and return interactions. 2. Occasional lapses in attention are normal. 3. Not all stress is harmful….

parents and two kids having a picnic
Social & Emotional

Mindfulness for children

Key points: 1. Parents’ emotional state affects children, who absorb emotions from an early age. 2. Practicing mindfulness enhances awareness of the present…

smiling baby boy covered in paint

The appearance of your baby’s emotions

Key points: 1. Baby emotions evolve from simple to complex, influenced by physiological changes and stimuli. 2. Basic newborn emotions are interest, distress,…

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