Category: Social & Emotional

Learn about your child’s social and emotional development in articles related to secure attachment, separation anxiety, self-esteem, and more!

parents, baby and little boy eating breakfast

Express yourself

Whether your baby is one month old, one year old, or 3 years old you’ve probably noticed how they take

little girl hugging her mom

Fostering gratitude in our kids

Studies show that people who regularly express gratitude toward others are more likely to be a helpful, compassionate, generous, happy,

mother and two toddlers walking through an airport

Top 5 traveling tips

Traveling with our tiny friends can seem daunting, but proper preparation will make for a smooth ride! Whether it’s a

parents and two kids having a picnic

Mindfulness 101

As parents, we are always looking for the best for our children; we want them to be happy and develop

toddler having a tantrum

Tantrum survival guide

Tantrums are extremely common in toddlers and preschoolers. They’re how young children deal with difficult feelings. It’s important to tune

parents watching over their newborn baby

Feel the love with your little one

“Imagine if the hugs, lullabies, and smiles from parents could inoculate babies against heartbreak, adolescent angst, and even help them

two little boys having a picnic

Sharing is caring!

Having difficulties for sharing is part of every kid’s developmental process. In fact, the word “mine” is one of the

crying baby girl

Oops, I reinforced it again

We all do it on a daily basis –we accidentally reinforce behaviors that we don’t like. The good news is

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