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Social & Emotional

Discover the key milestones of physical, cognitive, linguistic and socio-affective child development and understand the science behind child development.

Discover the key milestones of physical, cognitive, linguistic and socio-affective child development and understand the science behind child development.

little boy playing with bubbles
Social & Emotional

Is your child overactive?

Key points: 1. Allow your child to fidget to help them focus. 2. Outdoor activities boost attention and impulse control. 3. Calming music…

bashful toddler
Social & Emotional

Is your baby bashful?

Key points: Introverted and bashful children are often confused, but they are different. Bashful children want to socialize but find it stressful, while…

two children playing with wooden toys
Social & Emotional

Tips on playdates

Key points: Provides tips on organizing playdates for infants and toddlers, including finding suitable playmates and avoiding too much structure. Advises parents to…

little girl having a tantrum
Social & Emotional

How to discipline a child?

Key points: Shifting from power-based discipline to collaboration can be a more effective way for parents to influence their children’s behavior positively. Dr….

two-year-old crying
Social & Emotional

How to deal with the “terrible twos”?

Key points: The “terrible twos” stage is a developmental phase, not solely tied to a specific age, where toddlers explore independence, test boundaries,…

little girl smiling at her reflection
Social & Emotional

How to help your child develop a sense of self?

Key points: Babies are aware of their own bodies from birth, laying the foundation for self-awareness. Children typically begin responding to their name…

little girl sitting under an umbrella with a teddy bear
Social & Emotional

How to raise a sympathetic child?

Key points: Kangaroo care involves skin-to-skin contact between a mother and her premature baby, promoting healthy development and potentially saving lives. Research has…

mom comforting her crying little girl
Social & Emotional

How to teach your child coping strategies?

Key points: Developing helpful coping strategies in children enhances resilience and reduces stress as they work through worries and challenges. Parents play a…

types of attachment
Social & Emotional

How to foster a secure attachment in your baby?

Key points: The quality of early attachments significantly affects how people form and maintain social relationships throughout life. There are four main types…

little boy playing with balls by himself
Social & Emotional

Independent Play: Benefits and How to promote it

Key Points: Independent play helps toddlers develop creativity and critical-thinking skills, giving parents a break. Encourage independent play gradually by starting nearby and…

mom tickling her son
Scientific Edge

How to encourage my baby’s sense of humor

Key points: 1. Laughter and smiles are vital for child development. 2. Sense of humor nurtures self-esteem, empathy, and social skills. 3. Babies…

little girl laughing and playing with water
Scientific Edge

How to raise a happy child

Key points: 1. Cultivate happiness in children through play, effort recognition, traditions, emotional expression, embracing failure, avoiding comparisons, and offer unconditional love. 2….

little boy in his mom's arms because he has separation anxiety
Social & Emotional

How to deal with separation anxiety

Key points: 1. Separation anxiety is triggered by object permanence. 2. Introduce caregivers early to ease anxiety. 3. Say goodbye to establish a…

new mom with her partner and her little girl
Social & Emotional

Guidelines for a new mom 

Key points: Intelligence and talent can be developed through effort and perseverance. Success encompasses not only academic skills but also essential “soft skills”…

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